Falling and Dancing. I remember nothing of making this but the title always makes me think of the Scottish Postcard group led by Edwyn Collins, Orange Juice whose debut LP 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever' gets played to this day.


St Dubstep Leaving Clapham. Apparently Dubstep was invented in Clapham, I thought of St Dubstep flying over the common on his way to spread the gospel across the land via PA's in front of expectant clubbers at a nations hot spots. This he did by scattering 12" remixes for folks to find. I liked to imagine a saint in a track suit. Here I've imagined him with two of his angel minders, both bald fat men bursting out of ill fitting suits.


Fight Cancer with Cake #10 (2019) This was one of many photos taken by Emma Trimble to promote a coffee morning at 404space. I liked the irony of using a sugar based product to raise funds to beat cancer. We used a tiny regiment of soldiers and cake bought at a local deli.


Chav Faery Shoplifters or It's Ok Ken, I'll Deal With This (2015)


Burger Boom Che (2007) upon seeing this people generally comment on the size of the chaps phallus. I normally reply that it's normal for (enter name of town here). I think the idea came from a Little Feat LP cover that featured a UFO blowing up something. I liked the idea of exploding buns from outer space.


Queenies' Streets of Warminster (2014) Coffee and ink. Stamp

Throughout 2015 I must have made hundreds of Queens, often queuing at a post office to buy twenty 1p and thirty 2p stamps. Most got sold, a few remain. The umbrella title was Monarchy in the UK. They crop up every once in a while.

The skyline that I draw in many of them was inspired by/nicked from a cartoon that featured in the New Musical Express during the 1970's.


Nobility Scooter (2015)


Stampede (2014)


Every once in a while the Sunday Times puts out it's non ironic Lux magazine supplement. Advertising everything from impossibly elusive yachts to watches, each one all implausibly set for 20.10 - or 13.50 - I discovered that if you removed the staples the combination of unrelated double spreads could pay rich dividends, so to speak.







Dot 2 Dot, Dot (or the Universe Explained). The idea of course being that if one joined all the dots then it would make one big dot.


The Gang's All Here! Title taken from a line in the popular film 'Grease'. Here the shooting of Bin Laden is presided over by Steve Coogan and his dog of war. Note the hoover (centre right) a clumsy nod to Edgar J.