Marshall, Laney, Orange Fender, Vox('Stack' or Charlies' Watts)


a la cart (manipulated shopping trolley, baked beans)


Taurus (2019) Sign given to me by Isle of Lewis artist Andy Laffan. Crown added later.


'Why Breathe in When You Can Blow Out' (Vax Hoover, Hohner C Harmonica, Mic Stand)


'Hack'! (emac, axe)


Axe (spade, Orange Crush 15 amp, cable)


Electric Lycanthrope (Precision Basses, Vox 10 Pathfinder Amps, Cables)


i SPY 4 the FBi (2017) Kinder toy, bricks have i Spy 4 the FBi on one side and New World Order on the other. In German.


Hoodigan (Johnson/Hooper)

Dress For a Revolution

Equally at home on the dancefloor as in the boardroom these pin stripe hoodies are ideal for anyone forced to conform during the week but who likes to cut loose a little at the weekend.

Do YOU see yourself as a rebel - perhaps at heart you're a Tory fundraiser but your friends think YOU vote Green. But - wait!! - it's dress down Friday at the bank and you're on counter duty! What to do when your default setting is smart casual but YOU see yourself as a Trendy Wendy! Laurie Hooper's Hoodigans (from an idea by V.A) could be the answer - slipping into one will enable YOU to let the man YOU call 'The Man' to kiss your ass! - these jackets are so YOU it hurts....

Made from 100% recycled materials and coming in all sizes from Office Mouse Intern to Corporate Fat Cat Flat Track Bully, our hoodigans are ideal for the part of YOU that finds it impossible to compromise....


Straight Jacket (2019)


The protest placard on the left and Leisure:Complex (or Golden Ratio table Football) on the right would both have been made sometime during 2015, probably in Bath over the Summer. Both got shown at Eastside Projects' Summer camp in August. The signs' current whereabouts are unknown whilst I guess the turf was used to fill a gap in the garden. The game proved impossible to play although its effect can be seen everywhere.



What Keeps Mankind Awake At Night or DiY Deity (2018) 'G' clamps.


Heat Seekers/Self Portrait (19" x 8" Acrylic on Canvas, Indents)


Phonetic Phlaag In early April 1786 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both future presidents of the United States of America, visited Fort Royal Hill at the battlefield at Worcester. Adams wrote Edgehill and Worcester were curious and interesting to us, as scenes where freemen had fought for their rights. The people in the neighborhood appeared so ignorant and careless at Worcester, that I was provoked, and asked. And do Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbors and your children that this is holy ground; much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year. Phonetic Phlaag by VA & Laurie Hooper, Image courtesy of Nathaniel Pitt


Golden Billboard. One of many made throughout 2015.


37 Copies of Dan Browns' Angels and Demons (2015) Someone tipped me off that a charity shop in Evesham had an awful lot of pre read, if not necessarily pre loved, Dan Brown novels. I drilled a central hole through them and a steel pole holds them in place. I liked the idea of wood providing paper that was then used to support it. The garden is in Southdown, Bath and overlooks the city.


Hi Viz Lo Wizz - Has there ever been an easier time to become an Ubermensch - just slip into a hi viz lo whiz vest, put on a hard hat and doors will literally fly open for you.


Low (2019) Ready made, obviously. Used in one show then donated to British Heart Foundation.