three cheers for art (3/11/21) featuring work by or involving: art bank emma tremble helen grundy jean baynham jenna fox john m. robinson joseph beuys karen stone nathaniel pitt paul johnson paul newman peter carey rosa mccarthy various artist


One day pop up show featuring chevron/doorway paintings - 28.8.21


Jim, Dine with Me - four chums: Lexi, Morgan, Lucy and Bob meet and eat a nutritious and filling meal (Chinese starters, Dahl main course) with crockery and cutlery replaced by gardening tools.


Featuring Art Bank, Jean Baynham,Darryl Giorgiou & Rebekah Tolley, Helen Grundy, Kirstie Harris, Alan Smith, Lexi Strauss, various artist.



Coffee morning, raised 150 fighting cancer with cake.


Featuring: Emma Tremble, Helen Grundy, Jain My, James Middleton, Jean Baynham, Paul Newman (featured artist on a feature wall), Rosie Dowd - Smyth, various artist


Featuring: Emma Tremble, Helen Grundy, Jain My, Jean Baynham, JennaFox, Lexi Strauss, Rosie Smyth - Dowd & various artist.