#1 Never put in a show that which will not fit comfortably in the back of a medium sized family hatchback.

Or can be towed behind one.

#2 When in doubt quote Ballard.


Rothko Paints a Flower, a Graphic Novella was published 2014 by Bare Hill Publishing under la nom de guerre Cheek by Joel.


Various hosts tongue&groove, a monthly show on community radio playing an eclectic mix of garage, soul, new wave, satire and rock 'n' roll...


Factory Nights/Rednile Projects.


VA is currently contributing bass guitar and ideas to Gache, a musically tight and conceptually sound art band.

Previously VA has been one quarter of the Mama's and the Tapa's a 2 boy/2 girl harmony vocal combo who worked the Stourport supper club circuit throughout Summer 2012. Prior to that he was part of Jon Bon Joni, a popular 5 piece blending poodle permed power pop covers of Joni Mitchell ballads with nylon string copies of Bon Jovi's greatest Hits. Various was also involved in Joni M, a spinoff project that reimagined Bony M songs as played on a dulcimer.

Since January 2017 Various has been one half of death + glitter.



Sometimes the world can seem a scary place, so many ideas and so little time. This is a list of titles for work I have yet to make and fear I may run out of time before seeing them realised.

Pizza Beats in the Time of St John // Hold Me Close, Tiny Panza // Animal Farm / Petting Zoo // Leisure:Complex // Why Breathe in When You Can Breathe Out // Right That Down // All He Needed Was The Air That She’d Breathed // Looking At One Thing and Seeing Another // What is it, What Does it Want? // Everything Happening, Simultaneously, All at Once and in the Same Place // Map of Monday / Map of Mundane // Zeitgeist Baby // One Note Sinatra // Theolonious Loneliness // A Rainbow of M.I.L.F // The Winter Brides // There is a Light That Never Comes On // Household Objects Project //