Offshore Activities

Rothko paints a Flower

A Graphic Novella first published in 2014 by Bare Hill Publishing under la nom de guerre Cheek by Joel.

Art Bank

Since 2017 VA has been one half of a collaborative project with the freakishly talented Ms Helen Grundy. Art Bank is part curatorial and part making stuff.


Various hosts a monthly show on community radio presenting a visceral mix of witty bantz and great rock 'n' roll...

You can listen to it here...


Homeowner led laboratory/pop up art space.

Worcester welcomes careful artists: 404space is 5 miles from Motorway 5 J6 and is a 15 minute walk from Foregate Street Station with its irregular rail links to Birmingham, London and the Welsh Marches.

At present this is not a public space, attendance is by invitation only. For more information please go to: