Conceived during a power cut in the second half of a previous century, the future Various Artist was raised out of stoical Black Country stock.

Having gained a modest Masters at a relatively prestigious Midlands art and design institution Various - as he now referred to himself, retreated to the South Worcestershire badlands to curse his luck and contextualise his wounds.

Since when he has reinvented himself as the curator of the Barbed Wyre - an online guide to Worcestershire.

And whilst widespread acclaim has proved elusive he still continues to divide opinion: considered by some to be 'legend' yet by others to be a 'charlatan' the truth as always lies somewhere inbetween the two.

Artist currently lives in the West Country.

Paradise Circus (still)

VA Was Here

Bad Princess (Frome)
Matthew, Mark, Luke & Kim (Frome)

Artist Toys (Berlin)
Summer Camp (Eastside Projects)
Transition (London)

100's & 1000's (Luborimov/Hughes)
CHAS (Birmingham)
Studio Maelor (Corris, Wales)
Control Room (Bristol)

Eastside Projects' Summer Camp
Fringe Arts Bath (Exchange & art)
Birmingham Insitute of Art & Design
Evesham Arts Centre (Cheek by Joel)

Bristol Shed Project Space
Supernormal Festival (Oxon)
44AD Open (Bath)


VA Was There

Movement (Worcester) M/K-IV
Worcester M&AG (Society Weeks)
Malvern DoL (Reset Manifesto)
Supernormal Festival (Oxon)
Eastside Projects Summer Camp (B'ham)
Art Vilnius (Lithuania)
Stoke-on-Trent/Worcester (Rednile)
Antwerp (Belgium)
Bristol Boardwalk Arts

Cheltenham (Unification)
Hereford Photography Festival
Oxford SuperNormal Festival
Worcester WM&AG Re-Considered.
Brussels Trajector Art Fair

Worcester The Naivety
Stoke on Trent Airspace Gallery
Birmingham RoadWorks
Worcester Open WM&AG