death + glitter

Playful - assuming a position as iconoclasts our practice is both research based and instinctive. We adopt one of artsí main tenets that in order to create one must disrupt. We approach mark making as a violent act in which a line drawn with a pencil shares the same values as a brick thrown through a window. We aim to steer a course along a corridor of uncertainty, between engagement and entertainment.

We enjoy irony and pastiche just as much as the next man and revel as much in complexity as in the brutality of the one line joke. And whilst as often as not it is satire and wit that float to the surface pathos usually lurks just beneath.


A&E (after Crannach) (Johnson/Grundy



PsycheDelia (Grundy/Johnson)



Lol=Lexicons of Lust (Grundy/Johnson) Poster for curated show at FaB2018


d+g sell out


An Inconvenient Flag (Johnson/Grundy)