Remove the Set Square and it spells God. Take away the G and it reads Old. Remove the D and it spells GOL.


Has there ever been an easier time to become an Ubermensch - just slip into one of these vests, put on a hard hat, adopt an imperious air - and doors will literally fly open for you


Food Stamp (Artist/Ellwood)


Gold Billboard


iSPY for the FBi (2016) Kinder, Bilde, Bloc


Dot 2 Dot, Dot


Exchange & art Pop Up Trading Post for the exchange and display of Contemporary Artworks


In early April 1786 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both future presidents of the United States of America, visited Fort Royal Hill at the battlefield at Worcester. Adams wrote Edgehill and Worcester were curious and interesting to us, as scenes where freemen had fought for their rights. The people in the neighborhood appeared so ignorant and careless at Worcester, that I was provoked, and asked. And do Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbors and your children that this is holy ground; much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year. Phonetic Phlaag by VA & Laurie Hooper, Image courtesy of Nathaniel Pitt



Mankind is currently bludgeoning his way through a second Middle Ages crisis. We cope by posting petit bourgeois selfies in verite dissaray whilst a tomcat called Tyson coughs up fur balls for fun.

Some will sip on fireside malts and await direction: empathic enlightenment rather than a second industrial strength Renaissance. Another Bernini might be nice but we've yet to catalogue the one we have.

Maybe it will happen on the streets: itís always the streets isnít it Ė those comfortable, kettle friendly cul de sacs that carry us home on a water cannon wave of balti beaujolais, joi de vivre and spine tingling nerve gas. As you read this, someone in a grey hoodie with Athletic stencilled on the front is reclaiming them by tagging your polytunnel in large fluorescent bubble letters. He is a vegan called Jim or James. Or Beth.

Or Both



37 Copies of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Steel Rod, Tree


Golden Ratio, table Football


Adam Flying (film still)


Angel Clare (film still)


Foothold (video still)


Falling and Dancing


Hey, U . . .


Great Moments in Popular Culture #2: Football Match Between the Bankers and the Occupy Movement, Christmas Day, 2014