Art Bank is a curatorial collaboration between various artist and Helen Grundy. This is their logo


This is Art Banks' Artistis Crisis Helpline leaflet. Originally we were going to ask galleries to stock it but then decided to target Dr's surgeries and garden centres as place that artists might be more likely to inhabit. It was launched at Frankley Services on Motorway 5 on midnight March 31st 2018, simultaneously on the north and southbound carriageways. Without giving the game away there is a sound piece by Belgium based sound artist Mahler Haze.


In the late 1970's Walsall reggae band Three Men in a Dub, hopelessly lost on their way to a gig in Coventry stopped at an Alum Rock service station to ask directions. Two members went off to score some jammy dodgers and bovril and were never heard of again. The film Picnic at Alum Rock traces the events leading up to and after their disappearance, how the remaining members dealt with the loss and moved on with their lives. It also features alien abductions and UFOs disguised as West Midland buses.



Corpus Christies (2018)


A&E (2018 - left panel)


A&E (2018 centre panel)


This was used as part of Friends in Inpeneterable Places in London 2018. A listed tower in Hackney, we proposed putting the building on the market for the duration of the show. Our proposal was politely turned down and the sales board was instead displayed around the building.


Psychedelia Smith's Mushroom Cookbook (2017) Where all the measurements are in 1/8ths.



Lexicon of Lust (2018 Fringe Arts Bath exhibition poster)


The Art bank Prize was a cheque awarded to an artist at Fringe Arts Bath 2016. We cannot recall the artist but the work was a video of a man lying in a hole in the foetal position. As I remember it a steamroller then rolled over him demonstrating the precision of the piece although Helen disputes the presence of the steamroller and suggests I may have invented that element. Anyway, I hope he spent it wisely and didn't fritter it away on oil paint and absinthe. If I'm being honest our motivation for this wasn't to make someone we'd never met happy but because we wanted a photograph of us holding a giant cheque, as if we'd won the pools. That and a prize/giving presentation as a piece of work.