Offshore Activities

Rothko paints a Flower

A Graphic Novella first published in 2014 by Bare Hill Publishing under la nom de guerre Cheek by Joel.

Art Bank

Since 2017 VA has been one half of a collaborative project with the freakishly talented Ms Helen Grundy. Art Bank is part curatorial and part making stuff.


Various hosts a monthly show on community radio presenting a visceral mix of witty bantz and great rock 'n' roll...

You can listen to it here...


Change of use for living area 12" x 13" from comfortable lounge into artist led space/ideas laboratory/pop up art space.

Room retains many original features including fire place, floorboards and picture rail. The space, which has a bay window overlooking an established cottage garden faces West.
Permit free parking will only add to your viewing pleasure.

Worcester welcomes careful artists: 404space is 5 miles from Motorway 5 J6 and is a 15 minute walk from Foregate Street Station with its irregular rail links to Birmingham, London and the Welsh Marches.

The aim is to promote networking via art and food. At present this is not a public space, attendance is by invitation only.